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The typical African trophy animal is short haired and lives in warm to hot climates. The stress of handling, salting, drying, dipping, shipping, rehydrating for dipping and the typical tanning process to ultimately mount the trophy is lengthy and very harsh on the delicate hides. The time alone can result in damage beyond repair due to parasites and bacteria that are unseen by the naked eye. It is far better to have these delicate hides processed as quickly as possible. By the mere nature of the various import/export laws it is practically impossible to process quickly when shipping to countries outside Africa. The other benefit is that in the unfortunate situation where a hide is ruined in the field or during shipment, there are many more options available to an African Taxidermist to rectify the problem
The only way to ensure proper handling and transport of your sport hunted trophies is to book your hunt with a reputable outfitter, professional hunter (PH) or Safari Company. Lost trophies are only one of many pitfalls of inexperience or unscrupulous outfitters, professional hunters and safari companies. What may seem like a bargain hunt may end up costing you everything the hunt was worth and more.
Yes of course, most Safari Companies and PH's allow this. Be sure to discuss this with your PH before your hunt.
As is the case with lost trophies, only experienced and reputable PH's and Safari Companies employ the most skilled skinners and maintain consistently high standards. Highveld is capable of correcting some serious errors such as wounds and skinning mistakes, but as with any taxidermist, we are limited to the raw materials provided. Proper field treatment is the best foundation for the beautiful finished product you will want to treasure for years to come.

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